Dr. Marwah Younis, PharmD, MBA

Marwah is a healthcare strategist and entrepreneur with almost 20 years in public and private sector, combining technical and clinical knowledge to drive healthcare innovation, systemic change, and equitable access to quality and timely care for all. She co-founded Seamless Care Pharmacy and Seamless Care Digital Solutions, integrating innovative care models with technology to improve patient care, as well as Polymatiks, an AI-powered pricing strategy app for e-commerce. Called to action during the COVID-19 pandemic, she supported and advocated for the developmental disabilities sector as the Medical Director at Community Living Toronto. As founder of Agate Medcare, Marwah has advised diverse clients towards strategic success.

Marwah currently holds the position of Advisor, Strategic Relationships and Initiatives at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH). CADTH provides essential, evidence-based information to healthcare decision-makers. In this role, she will be focused on driving and supporting innovation in healthcare for Canada. Her efforts include establishing strategic partnerships and leading initiatives in collaboration with organizations involved in drug and health technology assessments, aiming to improve the effectiveness and quality of healthcare services both in Canada and on an international level.

Marwah continues to share her knowledge and passion as an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida’s College of Pharmacy and serves as a board member with Meta Centre.

Outside of work, Marwah cherishes time with family and friends, delights in discovering Toronto’s culinary scene, and relishes attending conferences where she engages with new ideas and connects with inspiring change-makers in healthcare.